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A diverse selection of relaxing massages

  • Relaxing Massage   $70/hour | $50/half hour
    A form of Swedish massage that focuses on helping you relax your muscles. This won't get rid of "knots" as much as a Deep Tissue Massage, but it will certainly destress your body.

  • Swedish Massage   $70/hour | $50/half hour
    It is the most popular and best known type of massage recommended to people unfamiliar with massages. The Swedish massage technique relaxes the body, improves blood circulation, and eases tension in the muscles.

  • Shiatsu Massage   $70/hour | $50/half hour
    Shiatsu in Japanese means "finger pressure". Shiatsu massage helps to relieve fatigue, improves circulation, relieves heartaches, relieves tension from stiff necks and shoulders, and relieves arthritis pains.

  • Deep Tissue Massage   $70/hour | $50/half hour
    This massage focuses on releasing chronic muscle tension. The therapist will target the deepest layers of muscle tissue.